Did you know that

  • Every Year Approximately 300,000 Children and Youth are Being Sold for Sex in the US.
  • Traffickers are estimated to exploit 1.5 million victims in North America alone.
  • According to the 2011 Department of State report, 83% of victims in confirmed sex-trafficking incidents were identified as U.S. citizens.
  • Approximately 65% of sex trafficking victims are sold via the internet, and 75% of those are under the control of a pimp.

Did you know that Orange County is Point of Destination

  • Children and young girls are being sold in north, central, and south Orange County with each minute that passes. Each day, there are well over 200 ads on the internet selling girls in all cities of Orange County.

  • Minors and young adults are being sold in hotels and streets around places like Disneyland every day. The major “tracks” where girls walk the streets, are Harbor Blvd., Beach Blvd., First St, and Ball Ave.


The most immediate need is in the form of Emergency Housing. When the young girls between the ages of 18 to 21 are rescued by the Police or an agency, there are no emergency shelter for them to go to. This lack of immediate shelter gives the girl no other choice but to return to the streets.

ANGELS JOY’S GOAL is to provide funding for emergency temporary shelter in decent motels.  Subsequently, a medical check-up is provided and after paperwork, all efforts are made to place them in a permanent program. Volunteers are ready to shower them with love and help them settle into their new environment.


Medical Check-up:  If there is no need for the survivor to go to the Emergency Room immediately, she is taken for a wellness check-up; occasionally necessitating the purchase of medication.

  • Clothing and Personal Hygiene:  A new set of clothes and necessary hygiene products are required and purchased for her daily use.
  • Food:  Basic nutritious food and water that may fit in small motel refrigerators is bought. Inexpensive food vouchers are provided to eat out.
  • New Cell Phone:  The cell phone provided by the pimp is confiscated as evidence and replaced with another basic phone and a new number.
  • Bus Pass:  A bus pass is provided to enable her to commute and get around when volunteers are not available to take her to her appointments.
Total Cost per Week:  The overall cost for a single girl for the first week is about $850.00. The cost is less for the subsequent weeks. The placement into a program is usually less than four weeks.


“It's just an interview. Get through this and hopefully I'll have a place to stay in a few days. These were my thoughts going in and coming out, the only thought I had was, "Thank you God! All glory to you!" When I decided to stop "working" for my family, when they disowned me, I was left homeless on the worst street of Anaheim, The Midnight Terror, Beach Blvd. In order to survive, I had to resort to doing things I had thought I was leaving behind with my family. It was the only resource I had - I knew. Midnight Terror is where I had planned on going back to that night but God had different plans for me. Before I left my interview, I was offered to stay in a hotel for a few days until they could find a more suitable living situation. I can't describe the feeling I had. To know that I didn't have to worry and be alert about my surroundings. To know that I was going to finally have a nice warm shower and a warm meal to fill my stomach. The relief of not being alone and having positive people helping me. To be able to breathe. Being in the hotel was the first step for me moving forward and accepting help and for that I am beyond grateful and forever thankful.”
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Human Trafficking Survivor Story – Raise your voice from violence